Employee morale is an important aspect of company productivity. The attitude of the employees affects the reputation and the brand. Employees who enjoy their jobs are loyal and promote the company in a positive light. On the other hand, employees with bad attitudes drag down morale and are less productive. You can help build employee morale with rewards such as team building activities, events, and matching apparel like logo fleece jackets. Your company will run better in the long run because employees will appreciate the gestures you make. Here are some ideas for increasing company morale.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities can build close bonds and camaraderie among team members. They are also just plain fun. Employees go back to their desks with a fresh new attitude and appreciation for their coworkers.

Celebrate Work Milestones

It’s easy to worry about the future, but a company that focuses on achievements improves morale. Companies that celebrate milestones such as work anniversaries or project completions have better employee loyalty. Something as simple as donuts and coffee available in the workroom for a job well done can go a long way. You could also try giving out tickets to a ball game or movie to show your employees that you appreciate the work they’ve put in.

Paid Volunteer Work

Paying employees to volunteer their time while they are on the clock is a great way to make employees feel like they’re part of something bigger. Some companies adopt a local school or non-profit. Then they have company work days where the employees show up at the charity and help out. This develops good publicity and is an overall morale booster.

Ask for Employee Input

Employees want to know that their thoughts and ideas matter. Having roundtable meetings where everyone participates develops the team. Management who listens encourages employees to be creative and think outside the box. This develops leadership from within.


Who doesn’t love a good party? When a holiday or company anniversary rolls around, invite employees’ families and do something special. Local attractions often give group rates for businesses. Show your employees they are appreciated, and it will pay for itself in increased productivity.

Get Company Apparel

Employees love presents, and having matching company apparel can build a sense of belonging to a team. Gift your employees with apparel such as logo fleece jackets to boost camaraderie. Employees can wear their fleece logo jackets when they’re out and about on business or just around their neighborhood. This is not only free advertising for your brand, but it projects an attitude of employee satisfaction.

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