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20 Degrees Below: Our Capabilities

The Degrees 20 Below Cut and Sew House

Check out this video to learn about our capabilities! 20 Degrees Below is a Philadelphia-based cut and sew house that provides custom apparel for sports teams, companies, special events, and so much more. We offer tons of fabrics, color choices, and customization options that our competitors simply can’t. All of our products are made right here in the USA.

20 Degrees Below Laser Etching in Action

Watch our laser etching in action! The video shows us customizing polar fleece for the world-famous coffee-house: Starbucks. With capabilities in screen-printing, crystal applique, embroidery, and more, 20 Degrees Below is well equipped to handle your custom apparel needs.

20 Degrees Below Custom Embroidery

Much of 20 Degrees Below’s business comes to us from clients who have left their current embroider due to lack of customization, poor quality, or bad customer service. 20 Below is focused on offering great embroidery services at a price and quality level that is sure to impress. We’re experienced with taking your existing logos and designs and bringing them to life!


This whole business started because I am an active person and like skiing and snowboarding. One thing led to another and I started producing a comfortable polar fleece clothing and accessory line, 20 Degrees Below, for during and after hitting the trails. For me it has always been about cool, comfortable products and exceptional customer service.

I am thrilled that 20 Degrees Below is still all USA made; that means a great deal to me. We sat down and figured out how many people we keep employed just by having this line, and because of 20 Degrees Below, we help keep over 500 people employed directly and indirectly. I am very proud of that.

As for customer service, I think our reviews speak for themselves. Have you ever dealt with a company and you hang up the phone and you are like, damn they are good?! Do you find yourself wanting to tell your friends and colleagues that you found this great company? That’s what I strive for with my company. I get so rattled when I hear horror stories about what is happening in my industry and other industries. Thanks for calling back so quickly – I hear this all the time. Clients tell me other companies take 3-4 days to call back or sometimes they don’t even get a call back. They say they feel like a number and not a respected client. I pride myself on returning ALL calls in a few hours.

My goal is not to simply fulfill one order for you. My goal is to grow a mutually beneficial relationship that can grow over the years. To me, when my clients are ecstatic with our work and service and they love doing business with 20 Degrees Below, that to me is the perfect business relationship.

The other thing that I really dig is when I see a client’s project go from idea to final concept and in the clients’ hands. I take pride in doing the very best job I can do with all the orders that we are privileged to take on. I understand that we make products that will have logos from other companies on them for many, many years. When my clients write great reviews, and think of us the next time they need items-- that is all I can ask for as a business owner! That’s the ultimate compliment for me.

Every one of our orders go out with the following message, and I couldn’t mean it more:

”I wanted to personally thank you for your business with 20 Degrees Below. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve you and we sincerely hope you are pleased with your order.

Please let me know how we did. If you've had a pleasant buying experience, we would love to know! If there is anything you are not happy with, please contact me directly and you have my word I will go to any length to make sure you are happy with our service and product.

Thank you again for your business. It is appreciated more than you know. “

I can’t wait to be able to thank you personally, too.

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For over 20 years, 20 Below continues to be a price-leader in the wholesale apparel industry. Everything is manufactured right here in the USA.

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