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The Uses of a Swim Parka

A swim parka is very valuable to a swimmer. The parka doesn’t actually go in the water, because it is designed to keep swimmers warm when they are not in the water. Swim parkas usually have a waterproof exterior and a warm inner lining. Here are some ways your swim parka can be used: Warmth […]

The Benefits of Swim Parkas

A swim parka is a valuable asset to any swimmer. They are designed to keep swimmers warm and comfortable whenever they are out of the water. Most swim parkas are long with a lining for warmth, a hood, and an exterior layer that is waterproof. There is a wide variety of parkas to choose from, […]

What Is the Difference Between A Parka and A Jacket?

When the weather outside turns cold and you need a way to keep warm, jackets and parkas are the go-to. Both of these outerwear garments are necessary, but it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. While a parka is a type of jacket, not all jackets can be considered a parka. The […]

Pair Technology with Your Track Jacket

When it comes to running you need the right tools. Serious runners and track athletes both know that training takes place regardless of what the weather looks like. Of course, a track jacket is always necessary, but you also want to pair this with technology to help you achieve your best results.  You need devices that […]