Is your business considering designing its first logo for your custom company jacket? Or does it need an update on your current logo? If designing a logo for your custom apparel is your first plunge into logo design, there are many aspects to consider. If done correctly, having a killer logo can go from your custom apparel to your business stationery and beyond.

Unique and Clever

The first thing to remember for logo design for custom apparel is to be unique and clever. You want your logo to be memorable. Think about your business and consider if any fun facts will make you stand out. You don’t want your logo to be similar to someone else’s design, so this process needs to take time.
While a well-established company can get away with a wordmark only, if you are just starting out, you will need a logo as well. Your logo should symbolize what your business does. However, this is not absolute. Mercedes does not use a car emblem, and Apple does not use a computer for their logo. In the end, you will likely end up not being completely original. However, that should be your goal.


When designing your logo for custom apparel, you should think about your brand. What do you do? What is your goal as a company? Also, you need to consider the clientele that you are marketing for. Will they find your design appealing? If your customers do not identify with the logo, then you need to consider something else. Lastly, your logo needs to tell a story. You need to be able to relate the image to what your company represents.


Choosing colors for your logos should be simple, right? Not necessarily. When selecting colors, you can’t go simply by the colors you like. All colors represent different things. If you are a business designed to assist and relax your clients, but you love fire engine red, it might not be the best color to represent your business. Red evokes sexiness and boldness. The brashness of red may turn off those who are seeking tranquility and trust. An intense blue would serve you better.

Simple and Flexible

The last element to consider when designing a great logo design for your custom apparel is to be flexible and straightforward. You don’t want your design to be so complicated that people can’t understand what they are seeing. Your design can be a play-on-words that requires thought and explanation, but it should have simple lines and not overwhelm the viewer. Additionally, your logo design should be flexible enough to look good on different types of materials and colors. While your goal is to develop a logo for your company‚Äôs jacket, it should translate well to paper products, coffee mugs, and other products.

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When designing a logo for your business’s custom apparel, don’t throw something together and hope it sticks. Take your time and consider the above factors. Once you’ve designed your ideal logo, contact -20 Below and we’ll put your logo to good use. Get started with -20 Below.