Swim parkas are a swimmer’s best friend out of the pool. A swim parka is designed to keep you warm and cozy after jumping out of the water. Most swim parkas have similar features. The main feature is a long design that goes to the lower thighs or a little above the knees. Other features include a generous hood and a protective exterior. While not all swim parkas are waterproof, they can all be used as windbreakers. For those swim parkas that are not waterproof, a waterproof coating can be sprayed on the exterior for added protection during rainstorms.

Are there other differences between swim parkas? Although there are many similarities between brands, there are some unique characteristics that you may wish to search for when selecting a swim parka. During the next few sections, we will discuss some of the different features that you may want to consider.

Swim Parka Liners

When purchasing a swim parka, you can choose either a fleece or faux fur lining. Most swimmers prefer a fleece lining. The fleece will help you stay dry if you go straight from the pool to your swim parka without drying off. A faux fur lining does not keep a swimmer as dry. Furthermore, once the faux fur lining is wet, it will take a long time to dry. Not to mention, they can feel scratchy to the wearer. On the other hand, if you only plan to wear your swim parka after drying off or if you’re a coach, a faux fur lining may be an acceptable option.

Swim Parka Pockets

Parkas come equipped with two side pockets. However, newer models are coming with additional pockets. If you would like pockets for electrical devices or phones, you should consider a model with interior or other media pockets. At a swim meet, these additional storage areas can come in handy. Furthermore, some models even feature zipper or Velcro closures to protect your personal items.

Customization of Swim Parkas

Are you on a swim team? If you manage or are on a swim team, you can benefit from ordering customized swim gear. Your swim parka can come in different colors to identify your team from other teams. Additionally, you can add embroidered logos for team names or team member last names. If your swim parka has a front or back flap, this is a great place to customize for team identification.

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