Picking the right track jacket can be overwhelming. There are so many styles available it’s hard to know which is the best! Focusing on the fabric, zipper design, size, and style can help you narrow down the choices. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a track jacket.


When buying a track jacket, be sure to check out the fabric type. Choose a fabric that is soft and warm. Look for words such as “tight knitted” or “double knit” to determine whether the jacket will be warm. Another important quality is whether the fabric is wrinkle-resistant. This makes the jacket easier to travel with and perfect for a quick morning where you may not have time to iron. Analyzing the fabric should be the first step when choosing a track jacket.  

Full Zipper 

Buying a track jacket with a full zipper is important, especially if you will be using your jacket during athletic events. Being able to quickly take off the jacket just in time for a game or competition is easy with a full zipper. The full zipper style also makes layering easier. This is particularly important in the winter when you might want to include some warm layers underneath your jacket.    


Size is another important factor when choosing a track jacket. To get the perfect fit, it is necessary to measure a few different ways. First, measure the chest, armpit to armpit.  Next, measure the length of the torso. Last, measure the arms to determine sleeve length.  Carefully taking measurements will lead to a better-fitting track jacket.


Track jackets are very practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too! The final step to choosing your jacket is picking a style that you like. Track jackets can come in many different colors with various emblems and stripe styles. Pick one that makes you feel confident. You could even pick one based on your team colors. The possibilities are endless! 

You don’t have to be an athlete to buy a track jacket. These jackets are perfect for everyone! They are very practical for athletes, especially for those that need an extra layer of warmth during warm-ups. They are also a stylish addition to any outfit for those non-athletes. Track jackets are functional, comfortable, and stylish. Everyone should have at least one track jacket in their closet.  Contact 20 Degrees Below to learn more about their selection of track jackets.