No matter what business you work for, a custom fleece jacket can come in handy. Do you belong to a sports team? Businesses are not the only organizations that can benefit from a fleece jacket. Your sports team can also get in on the action. Not only are custom fleece jackets a warm garment selection, but they can also be used for group identification and branding.

Why Fleece?

Fleece has many advantages. Not only is fleece super breathable, it is also machine washable and quick drying. Moreover, fleece does not weigh down your custom jacket, as it is a lightweight material. Another advantage of fleece is that the fibers repel water. By repelling water, your jacket can be worn in inclement weather and still keep you warm.

Why Custom?

Custom fleece jackets are designed to fit the needs of your team or business. You can select from a variety of styles and colors when making your selection. Furthermore, you can embellish the design of your custom fleece jacket with names, team mascots, or business logos.

Finding the Right Product

There are numerous companies that sell custom jackets. However, not all of them will include fleece lining. To choose the right jacket, you need to consider several factors. Most importantly you need to evaluate the jacket features, quality of fleece, overall product quality, logo options, and of course, price. Other factors to think about include where the jacket is being produced and how long it will take for delivery.

Will you need an odd number of jackets? Do you only need a few jackets or hundreds? When selecting a company to produce your custom fleece jackets, you must consider the manufacturer’s criteria. Some companies require a minimum number of orders before they will produce any product. Whereas other companies will give discounts on larger orders. While other companies allow you to custom order the exact number of jackets that you need.

-20 Below Custom Designs

With -20 Below, we’ve got your needs covered. We are a U.S-based, cut-and-sew company. A cut-and-sew company is a business that produces your custom ordered products on site. Not only do we make your products on site, but we can also produce your products within a few weeks.

Custom garment design can increase identification and enhance branding. If you need a custom fleece jacket, -20 Below can help you. If you need assistance in designing your product, contact us today at 215-918-2030.