Once you’ve selected excellent gear, it’s time to get it personalized. Problem is, the internet is full of embroidery companies promising the highest quality embroidery, the fastest turnaround, and the best customer service. Here are some tips on cutting through the claims and finding a truly outstanding embroidery company to hire.

Customer Service

As with any other service company, the first indication of a quality embroidery group is their customer service. Reach out to the companies you are considering and ask about your project. You could even request samples of their work. How quickly do they respond? Are they professional when they do? How eager do they seem to work with you? First impressions are important. The initial responses you receive (or don’t receive) can give you a good indication which companies are worth your investment.

Flexibility and Feedback

Quality embroidery is an art that requires knowledge of garments, fabrics, the technology that digitizes the designs, and the machines that actually work the thread. A strong eye for color and construction are also absolutely essential. All of these skills combined will result in a company that is flexible in what it can offer you. Look for an embroidery company that offers a wide variety of choice and gives you feedback throughout the design and sewing process. You want them to be working for you, getting you a product that is as close to your ideal as possible. If an embroidery company is non-responsive, doesn’t show you proofs and make suggestions, and seems to run with their own ideas, those are red flags and you should look elsewhere.

Design Approval Service

Because the standard for embroidery is digitization, it is important that your design translates from its current form to the files read by the embroidery machine. Choose an embroidery company that has a multi-step design approval service. This will allow you to see how the logo or other design you’re using will be represented in thread on fabric. In the end, it’s your vision and you should be part of the decision making that goes into any digital adjustments.

Quality Assurance and Guarantee

Before you commit to any project with an embroidery company, ensure that they have a rigid quality assurance protocol. How many eyes see the design file before the sewing begins? Who checks the product before it is shipped? The more times the product is checked along the way, the more it is guaranteed to be quality embroidery.

It’s also important to know the company guarantees their goods. Can you return pieces that don’t last? What if the product isn’t up to your standards? Any good artist or manufacturer stands by their product. Make sure you choose an embroidery company that does.

Embroidery is an excellent way to spruce up your gear and unite your team. You can make sure it’s quality embroidery by using these tips to choose the company you hire.