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How to Select the Best Custom Fleece Jackets

Fleece is extremely versatile. Everyone should have a custom fleece jacket in their wardrobe. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing your custom fleece jacket. Here are some things to consider. What Is Fleece? Fleece is a synthetic fiber that is manmade and is usually 100% polyester. Since fleece is so versatile, it […]

6 Creative Ways to Increase Employee Morale

Employee morale is an important aspect of company productivity. The attitude of the employees affects the reputation and the brand. Employees who enjoy their jobs are loyal and promote the company in a positive light. On the other hand, employees with bad attitudes drag down morale and are less productive. You can help build employee […]

Great Gear For a Downhill Skier Includes a Sideline Parka

Downhill skiing entails a lot of gear and summer is the perfect time to stock up. Winter gear such as sideline parkas, gloves and hats will keep you warm this winter. Safety is critical too, so check your bindings and helmets. Safety is Important Downhill skiers go fast! Therefore, having equipment that is in excellent […]

What Necessities Does Your Soccer Team Need

Every soccer coach wants their team to have productive practices and stellar games. Part of ensuring this is making sure you have the right equipment and necessities to get the job done. From spare pumps to sideline parkas, here’s what you need to prepare so your team can perform their best. Keep Safe As a […]

Why Your Business Needs to Purchase Full Zip Fleece Jackets

Full zip fleece jackets are an excellent way to show your employees you care because they bring together style and a great team spirit. Matching jackets show you care about your company and your employees. In addition, costs are reduced and more efficient when you buy wholesale. Marketing Your Business Marketing your business and your […]

Why Your Swim Team Needs Custom Swim Team Parkas

Matching uniforms play a significant role in team sports. Your swim team is no exception. For this reason, you should consider purchasing swim team parkas. If you’re the coach of a swim team, there are many benefits to investing in custom team parkas. Not only will a swim parka keep your team members warm when […]

Why You Should Choose Wholesale Buying Versus Retail Buying

When you think about wholesale buying, what comes to mind? Many people think of cheap prices and lower quality. While the lower price is almost always the case, lower quality products are not. When purchasing in bulk, you can find quality products at a lower price. Price Again, the first thing that comes to most […]

How to Find a Fantastic Custom Fleece Jacket at a Great Price

No matter what business you work for, a custom fleece jacket can come in handy. Do you belong to a sports team? Businesses are not the only organizations that can benefit from a fleece jacket. Your sports team can also get in on the action. Not only are custom fleece jackets a warm garment selection, […]

How to Choose the Best Swim Parka

Swim parkas are a swimmer’s best friend out of the pool. A swim parka is designed to keep you warm and cozy after jumping out of the water. Most swim parkas have similar features. The main feature is a long design that goes to the lower thighs or a little above the knees. Other features […]

How to Identify a Quality Embroidering Service

Once you’ve selected excellent gear, it’s time to get it personalized. Problem is, the internet is full of embroidery companies promising the highest quality embroidery, the fastest turnaround, and the best customer service. Here are some tips on cutting through the claims and finding a truly outstanding embroidery company to hire. Customer Service As with […]

Why You Should Buy Custom Apparel Over Retail

If you are looking for a new design in a fleece jacket or swim parka, you should consider custom apparel. There are many benefits to buying custom-made apparel. While buying from a retail store has advantages, a custom retailer has as many, if not more. Before we go into the why you should buy custom […]

How to Stay Warm Golfing in Cooler Temperatures

Are you struggling with being away from the golf course? The winter months can be difficult for the diehard golfer. If you live in a colder climate, frigid temperatures, wind, and snow come with the territory. Should you skip golfing until the weather breaks? For many golfers, the thought of going a couple more days […]

What is a Swim Parka and Who Needs One?

Swim parkas are basically long coats with an oversized hood, a warm lining, and an exterior that is waterproof. A good swim parka will keep you warm when waiting to get in the water or after taking a dip. A swim parka is generally made with a fleece liner that absorbs moisture yet keeps you […]

How to Design a Logo for Your Company Jacket

Is your business considering designing its first logo for your custom company jacket? Or does it need an update on your current logo? If designing a logo for your custom apparel is your first plunge into logo design, there are many aspects to consider. If done correctly, having a killer logo can go from your […]

Team Building Through Custom Apparel

How could custom apparel help with team-building exercises? Many team-building ideas are trite and corny. Everyone has tried blindfolded Lego-structure building and survival rankings at one point or another in the business world. While some find the activities fun, many other employees see these activities as an intrusion from their work and a waste of […]

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