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20 Degrees Below Partners With Trees.Org

At 20 Degrees Below, we care passionately about the world we live in. We have every intention of giving back while giving our customers a chance to give back at the same time through our partnership with Trees for the Future.

Our Planet is Our Mission

It’s not enough to care about the bottom line only. At 20 Degrees Below helping others and taking care of our beautiful planet is a core part of who we are. Being able to create the opportunity to give back as an integrated part of our business is a bonus, allowing us to do that much more good!

Running a company like ours uses a great deal of resources. Being able to in turn play a positive role in replenishing natural resources is important for both our sustainability and humanity.

We proudly announce our partnership with Trees for the Future which will plant a tree for every purchase made with 20 Degrees Below. Trees for the Future is an amazing organization planting trees around the globe on behalf of others. These trees provide resources, help end deforestation and feed people around the world in regions where they are planted.

How Giving Back Works with 20 Degrees Below

We have kept this simple.

For every order, you place with 20 Degrees Below trees are being planted around the world on your behalf.

Just by doing business with us you are giving back and in turn helping to feed people, end deforestation, poverty and oxygenate our planet to fight the negative effects of pollution and misuse of the environment.

With 20 Degrees Below

You Can Look Good in Our Apparel and Do Some Good for People and the Planet!

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