Are you struggling with being away from the golf course? The winter months can be difficult for the diehard golfer. If you live in a colder climate, frigid temperatures, wind, and snow come with the territory. Should you skip golfing until the weather breaks? For many golfers, the thought of going a couple more days without golfing is unacceptable and a couple more months is out of the question. If this is you, you do have options available to keep you warm while out on the golf course. One such option is custom apparel in the form of a fleece jacket. Before we go into detail about your options in custom golfing apparel, let’s go over some additional tips to keep you warm out on the greens.

Staying Warm While Golfing

What can you do to stay warm on the golf course when it’s 30 degrees? There are several tips to stay warm while golfing in cold climates. The first tips are to wear something warm on your head. As you are aware, the most heat is lost from your head than anywhere else on your body. To combat this, grab a stocking hat and keep your head and ears warm. You should also put on an extra pair of socks. Doubling up on your socks will help keep your toes warm.

It also doesn’t hurt to get some hand warmers and a steaming hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Another tip to keep warm while golfing in colder temperatures is to walk. Instead of getting on the golf cart and catching a ride, you should walk from hole to hole. When riding on a cart, your body has time to stiffen in the cold. Lastly, you need to dress in layers with the outer layer a custom-made warm, fleece jacket.

Dress in Layers

When golfing in colder temperatures, you must dress in warm layers. If you discover you are getting too warm, you can always take off some of your layers. However, you can’t add more layers when you get cold if you don’t bring them with you. As long as the wind isn’t too strong, you should be able to get by without long underwear if it is 30 degrees.

However, if you tend to get cold or the winds are up, you should add a set of long underwear under your golf shirt and pants. Or, you can add a long sleeve, dry-fit shirt under your swim shirt, if long underwear isn’t your thing. These types of shirts can go a long way in keeping you warm. Lastly, you need to consider your outerwear. Putting on a puffy coat is not going to do anything for your golf swing. Instead, you should choose custom apparel as your outerwear. A warm, fleece jacket will keep you warm on the golf course.

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Giving up golf for 4-6 months is not easy for an avid golfer. As a result, you need to consider ways to stay warm while golfing and get back on the course. One excellent way to ensure you stay warm is through custom golfing apparel. A warm, fleece jacket will keep you warm on the golf course. Get started with -20 Below.