How could custom apparel help with team-building exercises? Many team-building ideas are trite and corny. Everyone has tried blindfolded Lego-structure building and survival rankings at one point or another in the business world. While some find the activities fun, many other employees see these activities as an intrusion from their work and a waste of valuable time. If you are considering a team building activity, try to think of less formal events and more frequent activities throughout the year. Your goal is to build long-term camaraderie among your colleagues rather than to give them a one-time memory.

One great idea for team building is investing in custom apparel. There are many aspects of custom apparel that can build a sense of unity without having to hold a huge event.

Sense of Belonging

The first way that custom apparel helps with team building is that it creates a sense of belonging. People like to be in groups. When we’re in the workplace, we want to feel included. Even the guy in the IT department that doesn’t hang out at any of the company picnics still wants to feel included. Custom apparel will fill that need.

First Impression

When you are hiring a new employee, being able to provide him or her with a custom apparel item is quite a way to help them start the job. When your business’s logo is included on the shirt or jacket, you will not only give a good first impression but also provide your newest employee with that sense of belonging from day one.


Another option for using custom apparel to build teamwork is group collaboration. Have different departments develop their own apparel design or combine various departments to design apparel for the whole company.

Celebrate Milestones

The last way in which to use apparel to build unity among your employees is to celebrate milestones. If your business is based on sales or any other rankings, having custom apparel designed for the achievement of those milestones is a great way to build timework, increase company pride, and celebrate great achievements.

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