When it comes to running you need the right tools. Serious runners and track athletes both know that training takes place regardless of what the weather looks like. Of course, a track jacket is always necessary, but you also want to pair this with technology to help you achieve your best results.  You need devices that record accurate and reliable information because when you’re running, even a fraction of a second can make a difference. Here are some of the top tech devices to pair with your track jacket.

Garmin Forerunner

The Garmin Forerunner is considered wearable technology. This multifunctional watch helps runners capture data while training. It can record pace, distance, and heart rate. Good news, if you’re a beginner runner, it comes with features that help you improve or prepare for a meet.

How does this pair with your track jacket? Because the watch comes enabled with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pair it with your smartphone. Stick your phone in your pocket while your training and view the data recorded on your phone.

The Garmin Forerunner is also easy to use. Also, it works hard to track your activity all day long. Additionally, the watch has a long battery life. However, more advanced features are not yet available.

Garmin eTrex

The Garmin eTrex is a GPS device perfect for those training for long distance races. This handy device comes preloaded with maps for you to use. The color touchscreen includes a compass to provide you with a reliable guide to follow on your next run. Which is perfect for cross-country and long-distance runners. Additionally, it allows you to track your progress and activity.

This device is also great for beginners and can be used for all ages. Furthermore, you have the ability to create custom routes. Pair this with your track jacket as it fits perfectly in your pocket.

There are many things that can be useful when training for a race. With the right technology, you can improve your performance. Wearable technology and portable GPS devices help keep track of your activity and monitor your daily progress. You can use the data collected to make adjustments to your routines as you get stronger and faster.

The right tools make all the difference, even in running sports. If you need a track jacket for personal training, or you want to outfit your entire team, check us out online. At 20 Degrees Below, we specialize in team sportswear. Contact us today at 215-918-2030, and place your order.