A swim parka is a valuable asset to any swimmer. They are designed to keep swimmers warm and comfortable whenever they are out of the water. Most swim parkas are long with a lining for warmth, a hood, and an exterior layer that is waterproof. There is a wide variety of parkas to choose from, although they all share the same essential components. You should choose your parka based on when, where, and how often it will be used. Here are some benefits that come with owning a swim parka:

Inside Lining

Most parkas have either a fleece or faux fur lining. Fleece lined parkas are more popular among people who plan to wear them directly after being in the water because they were designed to be worn while you’re wet. On the other hand, faux fur lining takes longer to dry and can cause a scratchy feeling. However, faux fur lined parkas are popular among coaches, spectators, and swimmers that only wear their parka when they’re dry.


Another popular feature of swim parkas is their pockets. They usually come with two side pockets but may include additional pockets such as goggle storage, media pockets, and inner pockets. These swim parkas are great for swimmers who wish to carry devices such as a cell phone. Also, the extra storage can be useful for many other purposes. All pockets are secured by zippers or Velcro to ensure your belongings are kept safe.


Customizable parkas are great for swimmers who are part of a team. This allows them to choose a parka with their team’s color, mascot, or logo. Additionally, most parkas come in standard colors but can be customized to meet your requirements. Furthermore, you can also have the front and back flaps customized with embroidery or lettering.


Swim parkas are meant to provide swimmers with warmth, but not too much. Good parkas are made with ventilation so that you won’t become overheated. The ventilation system may include underarm vents and back flaps that allow air circulation.

There are many benefits to owning a swim parka. Not only are they great for keeping you warm, but they are designed with pockets for storage options and ventilation to ensure you don’t get overheated. Additionally, swim parkas are extremely customizable and versatile. This is perfect for swimmers who want to flaunt their team colors or logo. To learn more about the benefits of swim parkas, visit 20 Degrees Below.