Swim parkas are basically long coats with an oversized hood, a warm lining, and an exterior that is waterproof. A good swim parka will keep you warm when waiting to get in the water or after taking a dip. A swim parka is generally made with a fleece liner that absorbs moisture yet keeps you warm and dry. Lastly, a swim parka has large pockets to hold swim goggles and swim caps.

Who Needs a Swim Parka?

Numerous types of swimmers need a swim parka. Obviously, if you are in a colder climate, you will have more opportunities to need and use a swim parka, but people in warmer climates can take advantage of a swim park as well.


A surfer may need a swim parka to stay warm after a long day at the beach. When the sun goes down and you’re wet, you can get chilly. Not to mention, when getting into your vehicle to drive home, you can avoid getting your vehicle seat wet.


If you’re a lifeguard, a swim parka can keep you warm in windy conditions or in the early morning while watching out for those kiddos taking swim lessons. Let’s not forget those late-night pool sessions when the sun is down and the temperatures drop.

Swim Teams

Other swimmers that need a swim parka include those on swim teams. When headed to the team pool before sunrise or leaving to get ready for school, you need something to keep you warm. A swim parka is an excellent choice.

Team Pride

With the different colors available for custom swim parkas, a -20 Below swim parka can instill team pride in your swim team or lifeguard squad. Our large selection of colors can make your team distinctive. In addition, you can design a team logo to add to your team’s identification.

Waterproof and Fleece

Lastly, our fleece is one of our greatest selling points. When you purchase from us, you can stay warm in cooler temperatures. The waterproof exteriors to our parkas will keep you dry if a sudden thunderstorm erupts.

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If you’re a swimmer, you should have a swim parka because it will keep you warm and dry. With a custom designed swim parka, your entire team will feel pride when wearing our gear. Get started with -20 Below.