Every soccer coach wants their team to have productive practices and stellar games. Part of ensuring this is making sure you have the right equipment and necessities to get the job done. From spare pumps to sideline parkas, here’s what you need to prepare so your team can perform their best.

Keep Safe

As a coach or parent of a soccer player, you know the importance of having a first aid kit. Soccer is a very physical sport, and accidents do happen. Having the knowledge to administer first aid and the basic supplies will help keep your team safe.

Hand Pump & Spare Needles

The obvious necessity is plenty of soccer balls. But what if you have balls going flat? Having an ample supply of spare needles and a hand pump will keep your team equipped for success.


Pinnies, colored vests that the players wear, help to identify players. Have at least two different colors and enough so that half the team can each get the same color. This helps your players know what “team” they are on during practice or drills.

Safe and Warm With Sideline Parkas

When playing soccer during inclement weather. Rain, snow, and wind all take their toll on the players not on the field, the coach, and the parents. Sideline parkas can help keep your team warm and fashionable. Matching jackets bring a feeling of motivation and unity to the team. Another advantage of sideline parkas is safety. Cold weather exposure can be life-threatening. At the very least it is uncomfortable and can lessen the athletes’ performance. Cooling will happen faster when players are wet from sweat or rain. Remember that heat loss from the head and neck account for 50% of overall body heat. A hooded parka is a great way to protect those areas.

20 Degrees Below

At 20 Degrees Below, we are ready to give you great customer service. Based in Philadelphia, PA, we are a cut and sew shop. That means we are making your team apparel to your specifications. Our parkas are made with coated nylon, have rip-stop piping, and are water and stain resistant. Depending on your weather needs we can line them with light or heavy fleece. An attached hood helps to protect your team from the cold. Parkas come in a wide selection of colors and sizes.  Contact us today to speak with one of our customer service representatives.