The heat of the summer is finally over, but for many places around the nation, things aren’t cold enough to require a heavy jacket. If you are in the in-between fall and winter stage, then a fleece jacket is a perfect way to stay warm – but not too warm – when you make your way outdoors. A fleece jacket is an excellent choice for many reasons, especially if you are engaging in these activities.

Running or Exercising Outdoors

If you are an outdoor go-getter, then a fleece jacket is a must! Fleece jackets are not only fitted, but they also aren’t restrictive. So they give you a lot of room to move around and respond. A fleece jacket is the right choice when you strap on your gym shoes and hit the pavement running. Or, if you are going to be playing ball outdoors, a fleece is an excellent option to whisk sweat away so that you can keep cool when you start to get heated.

For Skiing

If you are a skiing enthusiast, then you can’t find a better jacket than fleece. Fleece is a great way to add a final layer when you are out skiing. Because it has so much give, when you use it as a top layer, you can still move around freely. Since having upper mobility is critical to skiing, a fleece jacket gives you the license to move around, while still keeping you warm out on the slopes.

To Watch a Game

For the parent of a Little Leaguer, or for the football game fan, a fleece jacket is key. You want to look good while you are out and about, but you also want to stay warm. A fleece jacket is a perfect social jacket to wear when you are required to be outdoors as a spectator. You don’t have to worry about looking good – you just do. They are also a perfect jacket to wear when the weather starts to get a little chilly. Best of all, they are super comfortable, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the game.

A fleece jacket is a warm and versatile choice for both fall and winter. Since it is giving, you can layer it with perfection to keep warm. It also is a great material that allows your body to breathe and to whisk sweat away. That makes it the right choice for the outdoor champion. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, a fleece jacket should be your “go-to” throughout most of the year. To find the best fleece jacket to suit your needs, check out all the products offered at 20 Degrees Below today. The perfect jacket is waiting for you!