When you think about wholesale buying, what comes to mind? Many people think of cheap prices and lower quality. While the lower price is almost always the case, lower quality products are not. When purchasing in bulk, you can find quality products at a lower price.


Again, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is purchasing items at a lower price. One of the most important benefits of buying wholesale products is the lower price of each unit item. The more items that you purchase, the cheaper the cost. When a retailer purchases items, they generally buy less of the product. With fewer products, they must charge a higher price. Furthermore, they must include the cost of advertising, storefront expenses, and employee payroll. As a result, each item will be more expensive to cover these additional costs.


When purchasing in bulk, there can be concerns with quality. However, this does not always have to be the case. Many businesses take great pride in their wholesale products. One such business is one that produces custom products for business branding. Therefore, when you find the right wholesale designer of custom products, there is no reason to worry about the quality of the product that you will receive.

Custom Products

Are you considering custom designed products for promotional or team building purposes? When you have a custom jacket made for the members of your team, you can increase the feeling of belonging. Not only will you increase the feeling of belonging, but you can also receive free advertising when people were your merchandise.

Purchasing Custom Jackets through Wholesale Buying

At 20 Degrees Below, you can have a custom jacket designed with your team’s logo. Worried about the cost of custom products? There is no reason to worry. When you buy in bulk, you can reduce the overall prices of each unit. If you were to buy these same products at a retail store, the cost would be harder on your pocketbook. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our products. We strive to sell a product that you can be proud to wear.

Custom garment design can increase identification and enhance branding. If you need a custom product, -20 Below can help you. If you need assistance with your wholesale buying needs, contact us today at 215-918-2030.