When the weather is cold, fleece is a go-to fabric to help stay warm. You may have fleece clothing, but do you have fleece accessories? The Polar Fleece Blanket is the perfect item to keep you warm all throughout the winter. Keep it on your couch to use while watching TV, or use it as a blanket on your bed and enjoy the warmth. Here are some reasons why you should order a polar fleece blanket.

Fleece Fabric Keeps You Warm

20 Degrees Below has many fleece fabric options to keep you warm in all sorts of cold weather. There are three different types of fleece available to meet your needs. The first is the winterfleece. This is the heaviest fleece available. It is soft, dense, and durable. The second option is the ringspun fleece. This style is a bit lighter than the winterfleece.  The fleece is still soft, but the knit is looser and it is cheaper than the witnerfleece. The third type of fleece available is microfleece. This option is lighter weight and can be perfect for those cool fall and spring evenings. The fabric is soft and anti-static. The fleece blankets are made from an anti-pill material which will make the blankets look like new for longer.  

You Can Use It Around the House

Sometimes even with the heat cranked up, houses can still feel cold in the winter. Purchase a fleece blanket to keep you warm inside the house. Store the blanket in your family room to be used during cold movie nights. Keep the blanket on your bed to help you stay warm throughout the night. You could even buy one to put in your pet’s bed to keep them warm during the winter.    

Get Blankets for the Whole Team

The fleece blankets come in many fabulous colors. Invest in team blankets that are the same color as your team’s color. The fleece blankets are perfect for long bus rides and overnight trips. They also come in handy for those cold outdoor track and cross country meets. They can even be used as a comfortable relaxing place during long swim meets. The options are endless!  

Polar Fleece Blankets are a winter necessity. They will keep you warm even on the coldest days. Order fleece blankets for your whole team or your whole family. You can never have too many fleece blankets! Contact 20 Degrees Below for more information about Polar Fleece Blankets, pricing, and group orders.