Full zip fleece jackets are an excellent way to show your employees you care because they bring together style and a great team spirit. Matching jackets show you care about your company and your employees. In addition, costs are reduced and more efficient when you buy wholesale.

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business and your brand is crucial. Likewise, your employees’ dress code can reflect poorly or beneficially on your company. For example, when everyone dresses in matching jackets, you stand out as a company. You can customize your full zip fleece jackets in a variety of colors. To top it off, you can even add the companies logo to help with name recognition. When employees wear their company clothing around local neighborhoods and communities, they are giving your company name recognition. Think of them as a walking advertisement.

Employee Benefits of Matching Full Zip Fleece Jackets

Interestingly, employees often feel part of the team when wearing matching jackets.  As a result, it gives the employees a boost of self-confidence. Most employees rise to meet the expectations of your company. A sense of team spirit can improve worker productivity. Worker production translates into financial benefits for the employee and the company.

Comfort, Style, and Affordability

Fleece is a wonderful and versatile fabric. It looks stylish enough for a night out on the town, and yet casual enough to wear the next day when you hit the trails. In addition, fleece is also comfortable and easy to care for. Full zip fleece jackets are machine washable and can go in the dryer. Lastly, fleece wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you warm even in cold, wet weather.

Wholesale orders will save your company money. The more jackets you order, the more money you can save. Most of all, even when the price goes down the quality does not. As a result, each jacket contains the same hard work and quality materials.

Make a statement with Full zip fleece jackets. Market your brand and boost employee morale. Best of all, at 20 Degrees Below, we offer affordable pricing. Much of the clothing in the United States comes from other countries and is of lesser quality. 20 Degrees Below is a 100% American company based in Philadelphia, PA. We employ local people and contribute to our local economy. Our products are cut and sewn right here to your specifications. We would love to talk to you about customizing a product just for you.