Matching uniforms play a significant role in team sports. Your swim team is no exception. For this reason, you should consider purchasing swim team parkas. If you’re the coach of a swim team, there are many benefits to investing in custom team parkas. Not only will a swim parka keep your team members warm when getting out of the pool, but they can also be used to build team spirit.

The Warmth of Swim Team Parkas

One of the benefits of a swim team parka is the warmth that they provide. Many swim teams meet in the early morning hours before dawn. As a result, the temperatures can be quite chilly during this time. With a swim parka, your team can slip on their parkas between swimming laps.

Moreover, if you choose a parka with a fleece lining, you can benefit from the added warmth of fleece. Fleece is known for its ability to repel water, dry fast, and adds warmth where a windbreaker or raincoat would not. With fleece, there is no need to dry off with a towel prior to putting on the swim parka.

Pockets in Swim Team Parkas

Most swim team parkas come with large pockets. These pockets are good for storing swim gear between practices or swim meets. It’s a breeze to fit a swim cap, goggles, nose plugs, and ear plugs. Furthermore, swim parkas are now being designed with multi-media devices in mind. You can store your mobile phone and earbuds in specially designed pockets to keep them dry and safe.

Hoods on Swim Team Parkas

Another added feature of a swim parka is a large hood. A large hood can additionally increase the warmth in windy, outdoor conditions. This can further protect team members if it would happen to start raining during the swim meet.

Team Pride of Swim Team Parkas

Are you looking to increase your team spirit? When your swim team goes to a meet, a swim parka can add team pride. By having all your team wearing the same standard color parka can also make it easier for you to identify different team members quickly from a distance.

Custom Swim Gear

To further enhance your team pride, you can add custom designs to your swim team parkas. By adding your team mascot, team name, and the swimmer’s name to their team swim parkas, members will feel increased identification with their other team members. If you need assistance in purchasing customized swim parkas for your swim team, -20 below would love to assist you. Contact us today!